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Shop Nike Air Force 1’07 Low Fossil color x Stussy

Nike Air Force 1’07 Low Fossil color x Stussy burlap off-white milky white stusi adopts full-process cotton linen and mesh cloth breathable materials to creatively customize this shoe. The American street fashion brand Stussy stuxi x Nike Air Force 1'07 Low "Fossil color" Air Force One No. 1 classic low-top versatile casual sports shoes "milk white black linen".

New Nike Air Max 270,Jordan AJ3 red-brown barb, exclusive pure original, new batch, distinguish all versions on the market. The first layer is frosted, suede, tree bark pattern, round heel TPU blessing, and the rounded toe distinguishes the market from too high right angle toe. All details of the hook extension position, sewing machine and so on are in place. Really feel the quality, reject the word game, and intuitively feel the original leather pictures.

New Jordan,Nike Air Max 1 air cushion running shoes Amsterdam color matching, using khaki, brick red, peach and transitional shades of gray, white, black. Textured leather, suede, and corduroy materials highlight the high-standard production. Followed by a spider web-like embroidery pattern, it actually symbolizes the city map of Amsterdam, highlighting this theme.



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